Film Photography

Film Light Leak Photos

a dog lays out on a stone patio with orange film light leak

These are a range of 35mm film photos all heavily obscured by light leaks caused by light leaking in through the back of the camera. These photos have been taken on a wide range of films. The majority of photos were taken on a Vredeborch Felicette camera and some have been taken on a Coronet 4-4 mark 2.

  • Digital scanner: Plustek OpticFilm 8100
  • License: This work is licensed under CC BY 4.0.
    This means these photos can be used for free for any purpose, as can all the images on this website.
blurred image of trees taken from moving car with orange light leak
heavy rain on the river near Eastern Gate Delft, film sprocket light leak
yellow film light leak over image of a garden
bullrushes in foreground, helicopter overhead, film light leak against blue sky

Our favourites from around the web

Some of our favourites from Unsplash.

green and red film abstract light leak
Credit: Scott Evans
fairground on pier with film light leak
Credit: Scott Evans
light leak photo from waterside
Credit: Scott Evans